How Many Watts Does a Light Bulb Use?

October 20, 2018

The Question: “How many watts does a light bulb use?” The Answer: “It depends.” Field Testing The Electricity Usage of Light Bulbs How many watts does a light bulb use? The best way to determine this is to use a meter to... Read More >

Illinois Home Inspection Checklist

September 26, 2018

A Professional Home Inspection Checklist – What to Prepare For If you are a home buyer or seller and you are wondering what a home inspection includes, you have found the right place. This Illinois home inspection checklist is meant to... Read More >

Home Maintenance Schedule

August 20, 2018

Have you thought about planning a home maintenance schedule? Some of us are more structured than others. If you find yourself to be one who is not, it may be best for you to hire the right professional for the more... Read More >

Home Electrical Safety

July 28, 2018

Why is Home Electrical Safety Important? Electricity is a convenience that most of us would hardly know what to do without! Nikoli Tesla was a brilliant man. Tesla invented the AC current which enabled us to distribute power easier than... Read More >