Illinois Buyer’s Apartment or Condo Inspection Checklist

August 20, 2020

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condos for apartment or condo inspection checklist

Much like with a detached home, a buyer’s apartment or condo inspection checklist is a must-have. Apartment and condo buyers need to be just as diligent as detached home buyers by conducting an inspection prior to consummating the purchase of the property. A thorough condo inspection will investigate both the interior and exterior of the unit to find any undisclosed problems.

Ceiling, Floors, Windows, and Walls

Ceilings, floors and walls often indicate deeper issues with a condo. Spotting on the ceilings can indicate a problem with the roof or water leaking into the building. Cracked walls can indicate a problem with the foundation. Sloping floors may be warped or damaged, indicating replacement may be necessary and that there might be an underlying problem, like water damage. Windows or walls with spots on them may be indicators of mold damage.

Electrical System and HVAC

A condo inspection checklist should include electrical and HVAC. A thorough inspection should include checking that all outlets are in working condition and properly wired, as well as lights and switches. Breakers and fuses should be checked for scorch marks and installation, which can indicate loose/sparking wires, double taps, and more. Ground fault interruption outlets should also be located by the inspector in the bathrooms and kitchen.

For the HVAC system, both the heat and air conditioning should be checked, no matter which season of the year it is when the inspection is done.


An inspector should check for leaks around pipes, turn on all sinks, and flush toilets to determine water pressure. Areas around the shower should be checked for water damage. The water heater should also be checked to make sure it’s up to code.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

These are typically the most expensive rooms to renovate, so a condo inspection checklist proves its worth here. Fixtures should be secure and in good condition. There should be no gaps in the caulking in the tub or shower areas. Kitchen cabinets and drawers should open and pull out easily, and show no signs of warpage. Appliances should be clean and in good working condition.

Condo Common Areas

condo common area for apartment or condo inspection checklist

Buying a condo establishes a legally binding relationship between the buyer and the condo board. The board should be maintaining the common areas of the units, including hallways, walkways, gaming, and lounge areas. Amenities are an attractive feature for enjoyable condo living, and recreational areas such as pools and gyms should be maintained to increase the value of the condo units over time.


The exterior of the building is often indicative of the level of maintenance the unit is receiving. Snow and ice shouldn’t be on the walkways. Exterior walls shouldn’t show cracks or water stains. Adequate lighting should be present. The property’s grounds should be well-maintained with mowed lawns and manicured landscapes.

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