Have you ever heard of Murphy’s law? If you haven’t, the law states that “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them the chance to.” This law is highly applicable to homes, especially older ones. Afterall, it’s hard to stay on top of everything happening inside and outside a home. As a result, there is no shortage of things that can, and will, go wrong with a home.

However, just like with an annual doctor’s physical, you can minimize the number of things that can go wrong by understanding potential issues and staying on top of maintenance. But where do you start when it comes to your home?

A preventative home maintenance inspection is the perfect tool to help you identify pressing issues. We examine your home from top to bottom and deliver our findings in a comprehensive inspection report. From there, you can prioritize your annual home maintenance schedule and create a plan to start mitigating potential issues.

The end result is a well maintained home, peace of mind, and fewer costly surprises.

What Does a Home Maintenance Inspection Include?

A home maintenance inspection is conducted in much the same way a traditional home inspection is, with the lens of upkeep applied.

We inspect your foundation, walls, roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and anything else that might appear to be breaking down or beginning to malfunction. As an experienced and trained home inspection company licensed by the American Society of Home Inspectors and the State of Illinois, we know how to look for the telltale signs that indicate problems homeowners often overlook.

We also go through operational equipment like your appliances to ensure that everything is in working condition. If we notice something that looks like it’s about to go on the fritz, we’ll let you know so you can financially and mentally prepare to replace it.

Our deliverable is a home maintenance inspection report and an in-person consultation that will allow you to properly plan out your home maintenance schedule.

Pricing and Additional Inspection Services

Preventive maintenance inspection pricing starts at $275 and is based on the size of your home. If additional specialized testing is required, we can also help facilitate it. Here are some of the specialized tests we set people up with when needed:

  • Radon Testing
  • Well Inspection
  • Water Testing
  • Termite Inspection
  • Mold Testing
  • Chimney Inspection
  • Septic Inspection
  • Asbestos Testing

Home Inspection Customer Feedback

We aim to deliver more than you expect out of a home inspection. As a result, we have dozens of satisfied past customers happy to share their thoughts about our work.

Common Questions About Home Maintenance Inspections