Illinois Presale Home Inspection for Sellers

Illinois Presale Home Inspection for Sellers

Increase Negotiating Power & Save Time With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Contrary to popular belief, home inspections aren’t just for buyers. A presale—or pre-listing—home inspection is one of the most powerful tools you have as a seller to ensure that your home gets properly priced and your deal goes through.

That’s because if you’re selling your home and the inspection report comes back with a laundry list of issues, you may quickly lose negotiating power, face a host of delays, or even face a hung deal. However, if you get a presale home inspection, you will have more information to properly price your home and fix issues that might prevent your deal from going through.

Presale home inspections should be conducted by a trained home inspector licensed by the American Society of Home Inspectors and the State of Illinois. At Lucent, not only do we have all the necessary training and certification, we have decades of experience that allows us to deliver the most thorough home inspections in Central Illinois.

That means you get a comprehensive inspection report and personalized guidance from your inspector that can help your deal go through.

What Does a Presale Inspection Include?

A presale, pre-listing, or seller’s home inspection entails a visual inspection of your home starting with the roof and working all the way down to the foundation. In between, we visually inspect all your home’s systems including its doors, walls, windows, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and any other part of the structure that may become a potential problem.

From there we check all the operational items in your home to ensure that they are working. If we see items that may malfunction in the future, we’ll let you know how much more life we expect they have in them. Then, you can decide if they need to be replaced before selling your home.

Once we deliver all our findings in a comprehensive report, you will be armed with the information you need to properly price your home and fix issues that might derail your deal. 

Pricing and Additional Inspection Services

While our inspections and reports are incredibly thorough right out of the gate, occasionally your inspector may suggest that you get specialized testing done. Some of the common items we recommend specialized testing for are as follows:

  • Radon Testing
  • Well Inspection
  • Water Testing
  • Termite Inspection
  • Mold Testing
  • Chimney Inspection
  • Septic Inspection
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Sewer line inspection

What Our Inspection Clients Say About Us

At Lucent Home Inspections, we don’t just talk the talk. These customer testimonials are proof that we walk the walk when it comes to delivering superior quality home inspections.

  • I met Greg Bradle on the site. He completed a home buyers inspection and did a great job. The report was thorough, easy to read, and full of links to related information for each point of inspection. Thanks Lucent Home Inspections!

    Mike Gingerich Avatar
    Mike Gingerich
  • Lucent Home Inspections provided me with a detailed review in a timely manner at a fair price. I was very impressed with their excellent communication and desire to satisfy their customer. I would highly recommend LHI to new and experienced home buyers. Very pleased with their service!

    Luke Kupferschmid Avatar
    Luke Kupferschmid
  • One stop shop for all of the inspections that we needed when buying an old farm house. Highly recommended.

    Sapper 1983 Avatar
    Sapper 1983
  • Greg from Lucent was very professional and helpful with our home inspection. He was willing to explain the details to us as first time home buyers, and his information was very helpful. The report was detailed and nothing was missing, and included other helpful information regarding home maintenance and construction. If you are looking for a thorough and useful home inspection, Lucent is the way to go!

    Kirk Streitmatter Avatar
    Kirk Streitmatter
  • Greg was fantastic to work with for our apartment building. He is an excellent communicator and always responded back quickly to any requests! His inspection was presented very well and contained detailed, honest, and informative data. The billing process was simple and well laid out. We will definitely be using his services again!

    Trent Wyss Avatar
    Trent Wyss
  • Excellent and timely service. I like the one-stop shop for all the needed home inspections.
    I got a reply to all my inquiries in timely manner. Comprehensive and easy to follow inspection reports.

    F B Avatar
    F B
  • Used Lucent for a pre-selling home inspection. Greg was more than willing to allow me to tag along so I could be familiar with what he was looking at, answered all my questions along the way, and provided some insight into how best to remedy a few small items that were bound to come up. And despite me following along with him, he was extremely efficient in his time and made the process seamless with a detailed report to follow up - would highly recommend his services.

    Alex Grohsmeyer Avatar
    Alex Grohsmeyer
  • Our home inspection was needed prior to listing our home for sale. Greg was personable and knowledgeable from the first phone contact. Flexible with scheduling to meet our needs and very thorough in his inspection. At completion he reviewed immediate concerns with us and the final report was provided within 6 hours. Highly recommend Lucent Home Inspections!

    Kimberley Krowlek Avatar
    Kimberley Krowlek
  • I have used several inspectors in the past. I must say this is the best one I have ever had. The report is well documented, pictures are very clear and excellent quality and you can tell what the inspector is looking at and trying to explain. I highly recommend Lucent, and will be using them again in the future.

    Richard McConnell Avatar
    Richard McConnell
  • I recently used Greg from Lucent Home inspections to inspect a condo in Normal, Illinois that I was considering for purchase. He was timely in responding to my initial inquiry and worked to find a date for the inspection that worked for everyone. The inspection report which was emailed to me had plenty of detail and pictures for me to understand all the repair and maintenance issues involved with the condo. The delivery of the final inspection report also included a very helpful feature to create a follow-up to do list. I highly recommend Lucent Home Inspections. And on a final note, I thought their pricing was quite reasonable given the quality of the final report.

    Robert Ficklin Avatar
    Robert Ficklin

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