The Importance of Home Maintenance

November 7, 2020

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importance of home maintenance

Most homeowners will agree on the importance of home maintenance. When people close on their first home they invariably head to the hardware store to purchase a toolbox and stock it with the requisite tools to meet the basic needs of home maintenance. However, over time these toolboxes often collect cobwebs from lack of use. Regular home maintenance becomes an afterthought and the months roll by.

This is a common mistake many homeowners make. They allow their largest investment to decay, much like teeth do when not tended to. This begs the question, “Why is regular home maintenance so important?” If you don’t use a professional property management company and you’re responsible for your home’s maintenance, the following reasons may help motivate you to dust off your toolbox and get your ladder out.

4 Reasons Why You Should Perform Home Maintenance

4 reasons for home maintenance

Performing basic home maintenance doesn’t require special skills. With a few basic tools you can do it. Why should you? Here are four reasons:

1.) It will save you money.

If you’ve ever needed to call a plumber or an electrician and were quoted their hourly rate, you may have suffered sticker shock. It’s expensive to have someone come to your home and repair something that wouldn’t have broken if it had been properly maintained, such as cleaning your sink disposal with vinegar and ice cubes. It’s been estimated that for every $1 you spend on home maintenance, you save $100 in future repairs. Taking care of small tasks, like replacing an air conditioning filter or tending to a clogged drain, can save you big dollars in repair costs down the road.

2.) It keeps your home running efficiently.

Gas and electricity are big items on a homeowner’s monthly budget spreadsheet. Did you know that regular home maintenance can keep your gas and electric bills from ballooning? For example, not cleaning your furnace filter will cost you more on gas and electricity if your HVAC system has to work harder to cool or heat the air in your home. Likewise, when a refrigerator’s evaporator coils (located under your fridge) aren’t cleaned regularly, it will use more energy to keep your food cool, resulting in an increase in your electric bill. A maintained home is an energy-efficient home.

3.) It increases your home’s value.

Unlike a car, a home’s value increases the longer you own it. How much it increases not only depends on the real estate market, it depends on the condition of your home. When you sell your home, the buyer will order a home inspection. You’ll want the inspector to find as few items as possible needing repair. Regular home maintenance will keep your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems operating as they should. This will help you keep more of the sale price in your pocket, as opposed to paying for costly repairs to satisfy the new owner.

4.) It helps with insurance claims.

Homeowners insurance doesn’t generally cover breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance. Your insurance company won’t be paying for a flood in your attic and the resulting damage to the rest of your home if you never cleaned out your gutters, which caused the flood. The same goes for flooring repairs needed because of a faulty shower or toilet that could have benefited from routine maintenance.

The importance of home maintenance can’t be overstated. In our blog, we’ve provided a monthly home maintenance checklist you can use as a handy guide to keeping your home in tip-top shape. Lucent Property Inspections is your reputable home inspector in Peoria, Bloomington, East Peoria, Normal, Hudson, Dunlap, Morton, Washington, Goodfield, Roanoke, and beyond.  Contact us today to discuss your preventive home maintenance inspection needs and schedule a time to have your inspection completed.