What You Should Do During a Home Inspection in Illinois

April 1, 2020

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what you should do during a home inspection

Buyers and sellers alike wonder what you should do during a home inspection. The inspection is a critical component of the buyer/seller dance and both parties know that if the wheels come off here that a completed sale could be in jeopardy. 

Let’s assume you’ve hired a top-notch home inspection company, such as Lucent Property Inspections. The inspection’s been scheduled and the time is drawing near for you to get a much closer look at your future home. You’re going to see it with different eyes than you did when you made the decision to make an offer.

How can you contribute to an inspection that benefits you and helps the home inspector do their job? Here are some tips on things you should do that can alleviate some of the worry that naturally occurs for home buyers concerning the inspection.

  • You should arrive early and wait outside. A good home inspector is not going to keep you waiting, nor keep the seller waiting if they will also be in attendance. Most inspectors will meet with you before going into the home and will fill you in on what they’re going to do. This is a good time for you to ask questions about the inspection process.
  • You should ask questions. You now have access to someone that has probably inspected hundreds of homes. As you walk through the home with them you should be asking about any concerns you have, both large and small. How long do they think it will be until you need a new roof? Should the air conditioning condenser unit be replaced sooner rather than later? Is that rust around the faucet sink? Take advantage of their expertise; you’re paying for it.
  • You should learn your way around the property. You probably stood on the front porch and back patio as you surveyed the yard. You took note of the flowers and that the lawn was mowed, but what really is the condition of the outside of the home? Check out the foundation. Walk along the property lines and look at everything from a fresh perspective. You’ll be surprised at how differently the home looks to you as you stand back and take it all in. This may lead to more questions for your inspector.
  • You should walk around with the inspector. By doing this you’ll be able to get their perspective on not only the finer details of the home, but also the big picture. Pay close attention to what they’re looking at and ask questions. Now is not the time to be checking your email or talking about what color you want to paint the living room.
  • You should not expect a perfect report card. Prepare yourself to see some of the home’s flaws. You most likely have conjured up in your mind the image of your home being perfect. That’s perfectly natural, but you will see things that you didn’t notice or think to look at when you were there as a first-time visitor at the home. Nothing’s perfect, so don’t be dismayed as the inspector’s list of items needing attention grows.

These suggestions are what you should do during a home inspection, for the buyer. But what about the seller? There is one thing sellers can do that the vast majority of home inspectors and realtors agree upon: don’t be there during the inspection.

Just as your realtor told you not to be home when they brought potential buyers through individually or held an open house, you shouldn’t be there during the inspection. Buyers are much more reluctant to bring your home’s shortcomings up in front of you, and you’re quite likely to explain why things are like they are. 

This really isn’t fair to the buyer. They should be able to go through the home with the inspector and be uninhibited about asking questions regarding areas of concern they have. Likewise, the inspector should be able to tell the buyer about problems needing to be addressed without a rebuttal.

The home inspection is a very important element of the home sale. Contact Lucent Property Inspections today to learn about Central Illinois’ best home inspection company. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you make the purchase of your dream home a reality.