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Homes require a large investment of time and money whether you’re buying, selling, or just trying to proactively maintain one. In this resource center you will find home and property inspection tips to help you during the buying and selling process. For those of you that already own a home, or are about to, you will also find helpful home maintenance advice that will enable you to keep your house in the best shape imaginable. Select from the categories below to find advice and resources specific to your situation.

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Latest Home Inspection Blogs

Illinois Building Codes: What Homebuyers and Sellers Need to Know

March 1, 2024

When venturing into the real estate market in Illinois, whether you’re buying a dream home or selling one, understanding Illinois building codes is vital. These regulations, designed to ensure the safety and standards of construction, can significantly impact both the... Read More >

Important Considerations for Radon Testing in Illinois Homes

January 3, 2024

Radon testing in Illinois homes is imperative for ensuring the health and safety of residents. Illinois, like many states, has varying levels of radon due to its geology and topography. This naturally occurring, radioactive gas can infiltrate homes, leading to... Read More >

Navigating Home Inspections for Older Homes: Key Considerations

November 7, 2023

Buying an older home is an exciting milestone, but home inspections for older homes can be a stressful process. As opposed to newly built homes, older homes sometimes have hidden issues that lurk beneath the surface. That’s where a home... Read More >

Uncovering Common Electrical Issues During Home Inspections

September 20, 2023

Home inspections are an integral part of ensuring the safety and longevity of a dwelling. One of the key areas that inspectors scrutinize is the electrical system to uncover any potential issues that could lead to serious problems such as... Read More >

The Top 5 Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

July 5, 2023

Knowing the top 5 home inspection mistakes to avoid is imperative to avoid losing a lot of money and experiencing much heartache. Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your lifetime, and a thorough... Read More >

Who Pays for a Home Inspection in Illinois?

May 2, 2023

The Home Inspection Process Buying a home is a huge financial decision as well as an investment in your future. As a buyer, the home inspection process is important because it reveals the true condition of all parts of the... Read More >

Why You Should Insulate Your Garage Door

December 11, 2021

Why You Should Insulate Your Garage Door If you have a garage, chances are you have heard or maybe considered garage door insulation. Regardless if the garage is separated or attached to the house, many homeowners believe having an insulated... Read More >

Your Home’s Value Reimagined From The Outside In

November 23, 2021

Your Home’s Value Reimagined From The Outside In Curb appeal matters, and what you do to the outside of your home makes a huge difference at selling time. Your kitchen has a full suite of matching appliances, plenty of cabinet... Read More >

How to Sell Your Home as Quickly as Possible in Any Market

October 5, 2021

How to Sell Your Home as Quickly as Possible in Any Market Trying to sell your home fast can be frustrating, and you don’t want to watch weeks go by without any decent offers. If you need to make your... Read More >

6 Tips for Better Water Quality at Home

September 1, 2021

6 Tips for Better Water Quality at Home Water is essential to survival, but it can also be hazardous if the quality is poor. We all want our homes to have the best water quality possible. But the fact is... Read More >